Air Balance, Inc

Air Balance, Inc. was founded in Philadelphia in 1958 to manufacture louvers and dampers, with special emphasis on fire dampers. In 1964, Air Balance revolutionized fire dampers by inventing and introducing the curtain blade fire damper, which is still the industry standard. As HVAC systems have become more sophisticated, Air Balance has continued its role as the industry leader in developing state of the art UL classified life safety products including fire, fire/smoke and smoke dampers for both static and dynamic applications. Air Balance has also continued to develop its product offering to include a wide variety of related products, including louvers control, balancing and industrial dampers, gravity ventilators and penthouses. The Air Balance louver product group includes stationary and adjustable extruded aluminum and steel louvers for every application including wind driven rain, hurricane and sand louvers, as well as unique products for the power generation industry. Today, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mestek, Inc., a large and diversified HVAC and machinery manufacturer that conducts operations worldwide. The principal manufacturing facilities for Air Balance, Inc. are located in Florence, KY, Forest City, AR and Wyalusing, PA with UL certified testing laboratories in Bradnor, OH.

Louvers, Dampers, Fire Doors