Transom Corp

The solutions currently available from Transom’s line of products include the Hatch and Severn products, air source and water source heat pumps for commercial hydronic applications and decarbonization projects in new and existing buildings. The Hatch air-source heat pump is available for potable hot water duty or as a “boiler”. It is a dedicated air source heat pump specifically designed to efficiently supply high temperature(140°F) water at low ambient outdoor temperatures down to -20°F and to over 95°F.The variable capacity and operating capability of a wide ambient range makes this a drop-in replacement for conventional boilers. Multiple units can be used to increase capacity and add redundancy. The Severn is a dedicated water-source heat pump capable of providing potable or space-heating water up to 180°F.Advanced versatility allows for multiple low - grade water sources such as cooling towers or exhaust air recovery. Multiple units can add larger capacity and provide complete redundancy. Severn makes a perfect companion to boost outlet water temperature from the air-source Hatch, to meet a wide range of hot water needs in challenging commercial applications.

Air Cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps